Moisture level is the key to a perfect arena surface, think of what it’s like to ride on the beach at low tide!

Harrison Lane Sand & Fibre Arena

The Ebb & Flow Arena System from Harrison Lane consistently maintains optimum moisture levels and surface performance through an integrated combination of:

  • Drainage pipes under the surface layer of sand and fibre.
  • A waterproof liner to contain the water.
  • A Sump/Balance Tank to pre-set and maintain the perfect water level.

The combination of drainage and irrigation creates a continuous balance of moisture underneath the arena, to best prepare the perfect riding surface.

Other benefits of an Ebb & Flow System:

  • Can be built in difficult areas as drainage is not a problem.
  • No crown or slope required in the site cut.
  • Heavy rain is not a problem as water clears quickly.
  • Uses less water than overhead irrigation as removes external factors such as the wind.

An Ebb & Flow Arena can be constructed with a sand, or sand & fibre surface, and requires access to a water source, contact us for more information.

“There are many ways riders can help keep their horses musculoskeletal system healthy and prevent injury. A diet that provide the correct nutrients to assist bone, connective tissue and muscle health, correctly fitted gear, a proper warm up before training, and a warm down period after work.

Another key factor to musculoskeletal health is the surface a horse is asked to work on. Safe footing to prevent sliding and stress on tendons and ligaments is so important. 

The impact on horses cartilage and ultimately their bones when performing at any level of equestrian sport can be affected by working on a poor surface. To achieve the best results in your equestrian endeavours as well as keeping your horse healthy, chose an engineered surface product that will reduce impact on your horses musculoskeletal system.”

Dr Alex Leander BVSc MPhil

Now you’ve got the perfect base, create the perfect surface with Sand & Fibre – for soundness and performance.

Woodhill Black Sand and GGT Fibre Arena

GGT Jump Blend Geotech fibre (Polysols Polyester)

  • Extra Cushioning for joints and ligaments
  • Prevents packing
  • Surface is stable with minimal shifting
  • Cushioning provides better “spring” and energy rebound
  • Facilitates a more secure landing for jumping
  • Retains moisture through high water storage capacity

Woodhill Black Sand

  • Less glare
  • Limited dust - because of the very low silt content
  • Water improves the binding properties - Just like at the beach the product binds together and increases density from 1.6 up to 2.3 tonne
  • Woodhill Black Sand in particular has a very low iron content when compared with other black sands. This affects the density and heat properties of the sand.