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Arenas and extreme weather. We're thrilled to receive these updates from clients

The greater Auckland region was hit with an extreme weather bomb that saw over 240mm rain fall in a 13 hour period and caused devastating flooding events in many areas.  For context that’s an entire Summers’ worth of rain in Auckland in just one day, and the greatest volume of rain in one day on record!

We are relieved to hear that our clients are safe and dry, with mostly reports of minimal impact to their properties. We were even more thrilled to receive messages from clients reporting our arenas are performing well and standing up to the unprecedented volume of rain that came through over the weekend.

“Unbelievable weather…incredible arena.  Flooded but totally rideable within the hour”

“This black sand always amazes me. 140mm rain in 24 hours and it hasn’t moved at all!”

“260mm of rain no match for Harrison Lane arenas”

"Value for money! Our Ebb & Flow arena installed by Harrison Lane is worth it's weight in gold. With the current steady rain the sand arenas are unusable, the Ebb & Flow however is perfect!"

Abderry Equine

Harrison Lane HQ in Waiau Pa experienced wash out in places but the Ebb & Flow drainage performed well against the ongoing rain.

If you'd like to learn more about Ebb & Flow arena system contact Laura on 021 722 578 or laurad@harrisonlane.co.nz