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Everything arenas. Summer vs Winter challenges

We are constantly refining arena construction methods to ensure riding can be enjoyed year-round and mitigate the challenges brought by the changing seasons in New Zealand.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your arena base type, including intended use, foot (horse) traffic on the surface and availability of a good water supply.

You can read more about our arena types here and we are happy to talk you through the right arena type for your location, use and budget.

Summer challenges.

The heat of summer dries out the arena surface. On a free-draining arena base overhead irrigation can keep the dust at bay on the top of the surface, but the heat of the sun quickly evaporates the moisture so it can sometimes feel like you’re losing a daily battle with dust.

Overhead irrigation systems make it challenging to provide an even water level across the arena surface – ending up in areas that are over-watered and others that are under-watered.

Without consistent saturation the arena can become loose and deep in some areas and very dry and compacted in others creating inconsistent footing for your horse to work on – they have to work harder and ‘through’ the deep surface or are jarred by the hard compacted areas.

Winter Challenges

During winter constant rain or sudden heavy downpours can overwhelm the drainage system of a free-draining arena base, softening the surface and preventing it from being ridden on until the drainage underneath can naturally clear the excess water away.

Ebb & Flow Arenas throughout the seasons

Our Ebb & Flow arena system maintains a consistent water level in the arena all year round, watering the surface from underneath through a combination of irrigation and highly functional drainage.

The system maintains a level of saturation that creates a cushioned surface that the horse works on top of, reducing impact to joints.

During wet winter months the system discharges excess water out of the arena.  After very heavy downpours the drainage works quickly to clear water out, maintaining a very rideable surface all year-round.

Visit Harrison Lane's Ebb & Flow arena

We've spent years perfecting our arena construction methods and have our own Ebb & Flow arena with sand and GGT Fibre surface at our show barn in Waiau Pa.

We'd love to welcome you for a test ride. Contact Laura on 021 722 578 to arrange a viewing.