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One serious shed. The Berkely barn project

The original brief started with a simple requirement to accommodate the farm lawnmowers and tractors, our client Craig was considering at an alternative to a kitset tin shed to create a warmer feel on the property.

Craig quickly became enthused with the possibilities of a timber barn and as his excitement grew so did the ideas! What started as lawnmower storage ended up as an impressive barn that not only accommodates the lawn mowers but also provides a slick area to display Craig's impressive collection of toys and a large modern kitchen with entertaining space to enjoy movies with family and friends.

Projects like these are our favourite; ideas flow and the end result is a unique barn that will be enjoyed for years.

"The process was actually enjoyable and if I can dream up a reason to do it again I would without hesitation.” Craig

Set back view of the Berkely timber barn

The unique selection of ply, polished concrete and modern white walls create a unique space that cleverly brings vintage and modern elements together.