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Our Arena construction methods and surface options

Ebb and flow arena with sand surface
Ebb and flow arena with sand surface

At Harrison Lane we build two types of arena bases for our clients, either a free-draining base or Ebb and Flow system, followed by the chosen footing.

There are a variety of arena surface options to choose from, such as black sand, silica sand, GGT fibre and Treadlite to name a few. We work with clients to establish the right arena construction method and footing type that will best suit their location, site, performance requirements and budget.

Free draining arena base

An arena with a free draining base is constructed using a combination of subsoil drainage and hardfill designed to ensure water drains away from the arena.

Free draining arena with sand and shell surface mix
Free draining arena with sand and shell surface mix

Lady on a horse riding across a sand and fibre arena
Free draining arena with silica sand and GGT Fibre footing

Ebb and Flow arena system

The Ebb & Flow system is becoming our most popular arena types due to its ability to maintain an optimal riding surface all year round. It’s comparable to riding on the beach at low tide. 

The arena surface is kept at a continuous moisture level, irrigated from underneath the arena.  In Winter months water is cleared quickly from the surface after heavy rain and discharged via the balance tanks. In Summer dust is minimised as the water level is maintained consistently from underneath, preventing the footing from becoming loose and deep.


Lady and horse ride across arena with show jumps
Ebb and flow arena with GGT Fibre and black sand surface

Ebb and flow arena lit up at night under flood lights
The Harrison Lane arena is 65x35, constructed with the Ebb & Flow system and a GGT Fibre and black sand surface.

We can manage your entire arena construction project starting with putting in required access through to the final finishing touches like fencing and landscaping.


Contact Laura on 021 722 578 or laurad@harrisonlane.co.nz to discuss your project.