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Scheme Plans; An integral part of good preparation when undertaking your rural construction project

Similar to building your home, there are a number of key considerations when planning the development of your rural property that will ultimately impact the project timeline, cost and your satisfaction with the end result.

Like most things in life preparation is key! Developing a scheme plan ahead of starting your project with us produces a clear vision for your entire property, and the stages in which we will develop it.

A Scheme Plan is formed with the following information:

  1. Geotech and Survey.
  2. Mapping of boundaries & noting any easements.
  3. Understanding potential requirements for Resource Consent applications.
  4. Location of services
  5. Location of buildings and driveways
  6. Fencing plan
  7. Landscaping plan
  8. Drainage plan that considers the effective management of water to optimize performance of your land throughout the seasons.

An accurate scheme plan allows pricing of works and enables us to make educated decisions about how we approach the development and construction at your property.

Our clients have found scheme plans to be a worthwhile investment and integral tool to reduce pressures of unexpected mid-project decision making, provide accurate cost assessment and a clear long-term vision for your property.

If you would like to know more about how we provide this service as part of our total project management get in touch or call Laura on 021 722 578 for a personal consultation.