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Stable Floors And Bedding Options

Hygienic stable floors, clean stalls and bedding go hand in hand with a healthy horse and are a must if you choose to box or yard your horse.

Cost and availability have an impact on what you might choose to use as bedding for your stables, as will the base that you are putting the bedding onto.  Concrete floors are becoming less popular as the debate continues as to what effect standing on concrete for prolonged periods of time has on the horse. Concrete is also very cold during the winter months and unless there is fall on the concrete (which means that your horse is stood unlevel all the time) it does not drain well.

Rubber matting on concrete can help to create a little ‘give’ for your horse’s legs. More often than not we find that some sort of dirt floor is the preferred option. They are relatively low cost and require little maintenance if done well.  

Harrison Lane has a custom designed stable flooring compound that provides a free draining stall and will emit very little odor if well ventilated. Straight earthen floors left as they are can become dusty, muddy, develop uneven spots and absorb urine odor.

Insufficient bedding can lead to capped hocks and elbows and in severe cases can cause lameness. What ever type of bedding you choose ensure it can be obtained in adequate quantities. Horses that enjoy rolling run the risk of getting cast. High banks and a thick layer of light bedding will go someway to alleviate injury if the worst does happen.

There are many choices for bedding:

  • Shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Woodchip
  • Sand
  • Straw
  • Paper

Personal preference and what suits you and your horse will assist you in choosing. If you need assistance in designing and building a stable that is perfect for your requirements, contact Laura on 021 722 578 or laurad@harrisonlane.co.nz to discuss your ideas further.

Stable floor

Example of a dirt floor in one of our stables awaiting the Harrison Lane floor compound.