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Equitana Auckland - Partnership Announcement

The team at Harrison Lane didn’t need to think twice about stepping in as one of EQUITANA Auckland’s key sponsors.

“EQUITANA raises New Zealand’s profile on an international level,” says Harrison Lane director Laura Daly. “We feel it is key for our industry to get in behind it and make it successful.”

And there are key synergies between this high-end brand and the internationally-celebrated event. Both are emerging ventures, filling gaps in the marketplace and taking the sport and industry to new levels. They’re also aimed at the premium end of the market with an eye to innovation and being in tune with the wants and needs of an increasingly savvy audience.

“For us, EQUITANA Auckland being held in the middle of New Zealand’s largest city meant it aligned with our target market,” says Daly.

While the majority of Harrison Lane’s builds are in Auckland and north Waikato, they do have a design consultancy service available for those outside of those areas.

Harrison Lane is widely regarded as the nation’s premier provider of high quality equestrian facilities. Their portfolio includes complete equestrian facilities, stables, covered yards, barns and all types of rural buildings. Daly is a rider herself, so has a real understanding of what works in the world of equestrian.

“In many cases we are not just building barns and stables,” says Daly. “We can offer a complete project management service, helping our clients set up their equestrian property to maximise the use of the land and its location.”

Whether a client has grand designs or are focused on something more simple, Harrison Lane take pride in helping them all achieve their dream result and derive as much value as possible from their budgets.

“We deliver an encompassing solution from the master plan and landscape design to managing every construction detail on time and within budget – for any client, regardless of that budget.”

“It is about ensuring we deliver the very best outcomes to all our clients – that covers overall design planning, meticulous detailing and excellent two-way communication throughout. We believe EQUITANA Auckland has those same values.”

Harrison Lane has long supported equestrian events and clubs. Daly says they feel a sense of responsibility as well as a genuine desire to give back to the sports and industry they and their clients are very much a part of.

“When we support each other in this way, the number and calibre of events we have in this country can only continue to grow.”

And there are some exciting other developments happening at Harrison Lane. Long time construction manager Scott Munro has recently become a partner in the business. Munro has more than 15 years experience in the industry and been leading construction teams at Harrison Lane for the past five.

“Scott has amassed a wealth of barn and stable construction knowledge and this, coupled with his reliable, personable nature, have made him an invaluable asset to the team and our clients,” says Daly.