With a variety of riding surfaces on the market today, we are happy to recommend a suitable solution for your requirements

Choosing the right base

The base is as important on an arena as the final surface and there are many options to choose from. 

Sometimes those that might appear initially more expensive at the outset will work out more cost efficient in the long run once all the infrastructure that is required to maintain them is taken into account. 

Having the best performing base allows a greater choice in the riding surface and the better the riding surface the more likelihood of sound healthy horses. Both types of arena mentioned require a purpose made arena groomer to maintain the investment.

Base Type – Free Draining

Subsoil drainage with layers of hardfill to allow water to drain quickly. Riding surface options are cushion ride, sand or sand and fiber mix. Irrigation is compulsory on sand and fiber mix, and preferable on other sand surfaces.


  • Great drainage and performs very well during winter.
  • Easy to maintain 


  • Uses a lot of water and requires reasonable infrastructure for the supply of water to – pumps, power etc.
  • Dries out quickly if not irrigated

Base Type – Ebb & Flo

This type of arena is built in a watertight liner and has pipework charged with water to irrigate from below under a layer of drainage sand. The capillary action of the sand surface absorbs the moisture required to maintain an optimum riding platform. Riding surface options for Ebb & Flo can be sand or sand and fiber mix.


  • A consistent water level is maintained so the riding surface performs at an optimum level all the time.
  • Low maintenance with the right equipment.
  • When other infrastructure costs taken into account the most cost-effective long term
  • Can be built all year round


  • Requires a good water supply